UPDATED – Gasoline Alley: Highway 2 – Gaetz Avenue Interchange

Starting the summer of 2016,  construction will begin to reconstruct the interchanges on Highway 2 at Gaetz Avenue and Taylor Drive in the City of Red Deer.  This is a 3 year project to expand the roadway to 6 lanes (3 in each direction), 5 new bridge structures, and new collector-distributor roads running parallel to Highway 2.  While Red Deer has not been hit as hard as other areas in Alberta due to the oil price tumble,  this $100 Million dollar project will provide some much needed infrastructure jobs in the area over the next 3 years, which is a positive for the area during this economic downturn.

[excerpts are pasted from Alberta Transportation’s website: https://www.transportation.alberta.ca/projects/Highway2InterChange.aspx]

Northbound/East Gasoline Alley

 Southbound/West Gasoline Alley


This highway interchange will allow for easier access to and from the City of Red Deer, onto Gaetz Avenue and Taylor Drive via Hwy 2.  As well motorist travelling on the Gasoline Alley East Service Road will be able to access Highway 2 directly via the new collector-distributor road.  Southbound motorist will be able to access Gasoline Alley West through the new Collector-Distributor roads from Highway 2, as well as providing direct access into Gasoline Alley West  from Red Deer via the new overpass.

As Highway 2/QEII through traffic is growing at a rate of 2 to 3% per year, it is expected that traffic flow will increase by at least 15,000 to 37,000 vehicles-per –day  (vpd) in the next few years. This interchange system will provide a safer and more effective route into and out of the Gasoline Alley, and the Red Deer City areas.  Off ramps provide motorist an opportunity to slow to 70 km while making their exit decisions.

This new expansion will provide an excellent gateway into the growing Gasoline Alley Business District, making it more accessible to motorist and businesses that wish to operate in this area.  There are plenty of opportunities for new and existing businesses to expand or develop in this part of Red Deer County.  The new overpass will allow a better flow of traffic to go between the City of Red Deer and Gasoline Alley, without having to go onto the QEII.  The businesses and services in the City of Red Deer will also see the increased traffic flow as a welcome addition with this new interchange.

With the Canada Winter Games coming to the City of Red Deer in 2019, this interchange will be a welcome addition to the area to allow an easier and more efficient way to access our businesses and services.

Some positive news for a Province that has seen it’s share of economic downturns in the past, and has come back stronger and more determined than ever.

Current Northbound

 Current Southbound


Please find a PDF download showing the overview:

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