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Red Deer Industrial Report – Q4 2016

Prior to joining Salomons Commercial I worked as a research analyst for Cushman & Wakefield Calgary. I was tasked with monitoring vacancy for the commercial market which was a sizable task considering there is an approximately 120 million square feet (sf) ofContinue reading

Economic Update: $50 Oil

With the slide in WTI and Brent crude prices since September 2014, there are many anxious people out there reading headlines and consulting with their peers about what all this means and what is coming next. For Alberta, it isContinue reading

Parking: Expectations vs Reality

I’m going to address an issue that has really started to become a theme recently for site selection among buyers and tenants: parking. Background Alberta is in love with the automobile; I’m quite positive that anybody reading this can easilyContinue reading

Commercial and Office Vacancy Rates

Soderquist Appraisals ( has put out their most recent survey on the commercial and office vacancy rates in Red Deer. These have built on previous reports conducted in 2012 and 2013. For commercial, the resulting vacancy rate has increased 0.98%Continue reading

Red Deer Industrial Vacancy Rate

Soderquist Industrial Report Soderquist Appraisals ( has put out their most recent survey on the industrial vacancy rate in Red Deer. This has built on the previous reports they have conducted in 2011 and 2012. The resulting vacancy rate hasContinue reading